Perfect for grandparents.
Easy for you.


The Silver Post is a special routine for Grandma, from you.

"I get to put this smile on my grandma's face every month." - Member
We text you when it's time to say hi to Grandma.

You text us back with a quick message and photo from your phone.

Grandma gets it in the mail as a postcard from you!

The most meaningful text message you'll send each month.


“I was bad at calling my Nana. The Silver Post is great because it's a non-judgmental reminder to reach out, and I can do something that's meaningful for her just by texting.”


“Mom is always asking for pictures. This is perfect and also lets her get something in the mail... Love it!”

Choose your subscription:

1 Postcard, 1 Recipient, 1x/Month

$5 / Month

Pay as you go.


$45 / Year

Get 3 months free!



Can I send it internationally?
Yes! For the same price, we mail postcards wherever grandma lives.

Can I text you my pic and message whenever?
Yes! We send text reminders as a way to help, but you can text us your stuff any time!

Can I send more than one?
This option is coming! Current members will have first access, so we encourage you to sign up and get started with one, then upgrade to more postcards later.

Can you show me a close up of the postcard?
Yes! The best way to see the material is through video, so we created this one for you.